Experiments in the Virtual Physics Laboratory

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Ideal for remote teaching, catch-up, revision, and teacher-led demonstrations.

“I've found your software very useful when a concept comes up with pupils and I have to demonstrate something really quickly without having the time to set up a formal experiment for them. The graphics are great and I really like the ability to move around the classroom and observe the experiment from different aspects.  I am far more likely to go to one of your interactive experiments if it's demonstrating something that we don't have equipment for.“

Andrew McPhee Wellington School



The Virtual Physics Laboratory

Students can perform experiments without a laboratory.  They can catch up on missed practicals, practice and revise them.  Teachers can demonstrate virtually any experiment at a moment's notice.  Nothing gets broken, always ready to go. PC and Mac.


CSI School

Uses a games approach to familiarise the  students with the basics of Crime Scene Investigation.  Don your protection suit, grab your kit and get investigating our own murder scene.  When you have all the evidence go to the lab' and process it which will enable you to identify the perpetrator.



A calculator that uses dimensional analysis to calculate with units as well as numbers.  A perfect tool for supporting science teaching and verifying the results of complex calculations.



Virtual Science was founded in 1988 to market products based on thorough academic research in the database and logic programming fields. The main objectives are to produce quality innovative products and market them well ahead of the competition by keeping up to date with and contributing to the latest research in computing fields. We offer quality and value-for-money to the corporate and educational marketplaces by exploiting the company's world leading expertise in the fields of databases, logic programming, science education, and graphics.

Director: Dr Robert J Lucas MBCS CITP Cert Phys (Open) PGCE

Registered Company Number: 2228420



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New Products

These are some of the virtual experiments that are in development and will become part of the Virtual Physics Laboratory by summer 2021.






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